Il loyalty marketing nell’era dell’esperienza



The Annual Workshop


Since 1999 The Osservatorio Fedeltà showcases its research work at its yearly workshop, that attracts over 400 marketing managers from several industries, from Retail to Manufacturing, from Advertising to Finance. The format has been established over the years as a full day of research presentations and successful case histories .

Who should attend

Marketing managers, loyalty managers, trade marketing managers, CRM and IT managers generally everyone interested in loyalty, CRM and targeted marketing projects and ventures. It is an opportunity to discuss and learn about the principles and results of new marketing approaches - loyalty, digital, mobile and social.




The workshop venue is Auditorium Polifunzionale - Campus Universitario, Parco Area delle Scienze 59/B, in Parma.

The Campus, on the south side of the city, can be reached:

  • by car, from Parma highway exit, take the bypass (exit 15) – open parking available;

By bus, from FS station take routes 7, 14 o 21 (twelve journeys every hour) –  the journey lasts about 25 minutes