Ripartiamo dalla fedeltà


Since 1999 the Observatory has showcased its research at its annual workshop in Parma. 

The format has been established over the years as a full day of research presentations, successful case histories, industry roundtable discussions and a networking lunch. 

The theme of the workshop differs each year:

2020 Restarting by Loyalty

2019 Data, value and loyalty

2018 Loyalty in the Age of Experience

2017 Loyalty Marketing Evolution: International Stories and Leaders

2016 Loyalty Disruption? Emotions, Big Data and New Players

2015 15 Years of Loyalty Marketing: What’s Next?

2014 From Print to Digital: What Happens to Loyalty?

2013 Growing Through loyalty in Times of Economic Crisis

2012 Brand Loyalty Strategies: From Macro to Micro Approaches

2011 The Value of Loyalty in the Choice Overload Age

2010 The Future of Loyalty Marketing: New Models and Technologies

2009 Ten Years of Loyalty Marketing in European Retailing

2008 Channel Loyalty: Making Channel Partners Loyal

2007 Innovation in Promotions

2006 Partnerships for Value Creation

2005 Creating Value with Customer Information

2004 Measuring Promotion Effectiveness

2003 Data Mining for Value Creation and Loyalty

2001 Creating Relationships in the Internet Age

1999 Value from Customer Relationships