Brand Loyalty

Brand Loyalty develops loyalty campaigns for the main food retailers worldwide since 1995, by designing the most successful consumer engagement projects. The highest standard of service is locally guaranteed by 14 subsidiaries all over the world: a decisive factor for the success of the over 2.500 projects managed in 35 countries so far.

The project approach is totally tailor-made on retailer’s strategic goals, to enhance its ROI and brand image by significantly directing the purchasing behavior. 

Brand Loyalty gives to retailers the utmost assurance over all project elements thanks to a 360° service: from the multichannel communication and the customer activation to the program monitoring and the systematic K.P.I. analysis. 

Thanks to the merge with IceMobile, leading company in mobile customer loyalty, cutting-edge digital tools further enrich the consumer’s experience. 

The traditional stamp collection is integrated to mobile devices by digital stamp collection engineered with real time and 1-to-1 approach: the customer’s experience is thus expanded, while the retailer’s understanding of purchasing behavior is accurately increased. 

At the end of 2013 Brand Loyalty and IceMobile were acquired by Loyalty One Inc., the leading marketing company in retail, finance, grocery, travel, petrol and healthcare loyalty campaigns.

The company keeps on growing thanks to a strong culture and to the compliance of its corporate values: Authenticity, Enthusiasm, Flexibility and Reliability.

Brand Loyalty stands out in the loyalty marketplace, where it excels by coherently pursuing its core mission: keeping promises.

Catalina Marketing Italia

Catalina is the global leader in precision marketing, providing brand manufacturers, retailers, and health providers worldwide with consumer-driven solutions that efficiently meet their objectives for growth, profitability, and deeper, more productive consumer relationships. We understand and influence the preferences, purchases, and behavior of consumers around the world through multiple channels of insight and engagement, from our in-store shopper media networks to new digital media channels that reach consumers wherever they are.

For 12 years, Catalina Italy has been committed to helping manufacturing and retail brands deliver unprecedented performance. Our proprietary in-store marketing platforms enable the delivery of the right message to the right audience in the right environment so clients can successfully build their brands for less.

Only Catalina sees the evolving purchase histories of  50 percent of Italian shoppers. We use this precise transaction-level insight to help clients develop customized, measurable campaigns to acquire, maximize, and retain their most valuable consumers.

Catalina is based in St. Petersburg, Florida, with 1000 employees all over the world, of which 300 in Europe and 50 in Italy.


Comarch is a global IT business solutions provider specializing in forging client relationships to maximize customer profitability and optimize operational and business processes.

Comarch's primary advantage lies in the extensive domain knowledge accumulated in our software products which we use to deliver and integrate sophisticated business IT solutions.

Comarch specializes in the design, implementation and integration of advanced IT solutions to support loyalty programs, the exchange of electronic documents and business information, sales process management as well as document management and circulation within a company.

Comarch also offers efficient and reliable services in the area of IT infrastructure management.

Comarch’s highly flexible solutions and developed technology makes it possible to provide its services to many different sectors of the economy, such as: FMCG, retail and wholesale networks, trade, telecommunications, banking, transportation, automotive, airlines, pharmaceuticals, construction, electronics, logistics as well as many others. Leaders of many branches belong to our portfolio of clients. Numerous references are the best evidence of the substantial quality of our services, among them are enterprises such as: Heathrow Airport, Rogers Communications, JetBlue Airways, Enterprise Holdings, BP, Azul Brazilian Airlines, Banco Popular Dominicano, Diageo, OMV, Carlsberg, Credit Suisse, Heineken, Auchan, Jack & Henry Associates, MAPCO, Mercedes Benz Bank, Metro, Red Bull, S7 Airlines and many others.


We create user experience platforms. This is the mission of Kettydo+, focused on creating digital experience platforms, for sharing and for relationship. 

Platforms promoted by brands and designed to be accessible and useful to people.

Based on content rich in meaning, governed through the state of the art of technology.

The integration of strategies is the new measure synthesizing the key concepts and objectives of Kettydo+: more integration between business strategies and digital strategies; greater consistency and efficacy in the communication message at different points of interaction with a person; more governability and integration of complex technological systems, for a smooth, consistent user experience that is governed by the brand.

USER EXPERIENCE DESIGN, CREATIVITY, CONTENT & SOCIAL and TECHNOLOGY are the agency’s units that have been structured to conceive, design, plan, implement and manage the digital strategies of the brands for which the agency works.

Promotion Magazine - O.P.S.

Promotion Magazine is a leading Italian bimonthly marketing magazine focused on promotions, rewards, loyalty programs and in-store marketing. Promotion Magazine offers insight, news and case histories from the world of loyalty and direct marketing.

Promotion, edited by O.P.S., is read by more than 50 000 managers yearly (marketing managers, general managers, buyers), who want to keep pace with market developments.