We specialize in Behavioral Loyalty and we support medium and big companies that want to digitalize or strengthen all the processes aimed at engaging, understanding, and retaining users. We craft and accelerate loyalty programs for end consumers and distribution chain.
Our activity relies on a proprietary algorithm that assigns a dynamic potential value to every user that changes over time, the Customer Value Index (CVI).
The CVI tracks and analyzes user behavior across both existing company touch points and new touch points provided by us, all of which are integrated into our Customer Data Platform.
Besides identifying digital communities that can be monetized and creating special ghost loyalty programs, the platform also allows for the update of corporate legacy systems and CRM records. 
In 2019, we launched our international affiliate program and signed our first deals in Peru, Mexico, and Kosovo.
In 2020, loyalty program EdisonVille developed for Edison Energia won the Best Use of Gamification to Enhance Loyalty category at the London Global Awards and went on to collect the Grand Prix at the Milan Brand Loyalty Awards in the Best CRM Project category. 


Amilon has its roots in ECRM Italia, a company founded by Andrea Verri and Fabio Regazzoni in 2000, pioneer in CRM and Customer loyalty services. ECRM has managed for years loyalty programs and CRM and has been a Retail partner in developing and retaining customers.
In 2007, Amilon was born from an ECRM spin-off with the aim of bringing innovation to the gift card market, thanks to digitization and B2B sales. Amilon has thus offered retail companies a new sales channel.
At the end of 2018 Amilon incorporated ECRM to offer companies engagement strategies built around “branded currencies”, whether they are gift cards, loyalty points or coupons.
In December 2019, Amilon joined the Zucchetti Group to complete the already rich offer of the Lodi Group and to seize important synergies in the HR and Retail sectors.
In addition to Andrea Verri and Fabio Regazzoni, the founders, the Board of Amilon is completed by Renato Buontempo, Partner and CIO and Valerio Pacaccio, COO.

Promotion Magazine - O.P.S.

Promotion Magazine is a leading Italian bimonthly marketing magazine focused on promotions, rewards, loyalty programs and in-store marketing. Promotion Magazine offers insight, news and case histories from the world of loyalty and direct marketing.

Promotion, edited by O.P.S., is read by more than 50 000 managers yearly (marketing managers, general managers, buyers), who want to keep pace with market developments.

Roialty is a Digital Loyalty Platform that helps brands enhance the value of real-time data to customize the Customer Experience by combining proprietary technologies and advanced data analysis skills.

We support brands in creating empathic and personalized relationships with their customers through data-driven experiences.

We innovate Loyalty & Promotion strategies through our proprietary technology by automatically processing customer data from heterogeneous sources (Eg. social media, web, smart devices, and IoT) combining them with CRM data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning algorithms, unified taxonomies, and scalable architecture.

Our solutions help customers in the Energy, Telecommunications, Retail, Media, and Financial Services markets improving the knowledge of their customers to boost engagement and loyalty with new tailored experiences for their target audience.

Turning data into knowledge is crucial to create customized experiences, and it is the key to winning engagement & loyalty strategies. 

Since 2019 we are part of Maps Group Spa. Maps Group operates in the Digital Transformation sector by developing innovative “Data-Driven” solutions to support new business models and decision-making processes in companies and public organizations.

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